Monday, May 11, 2009

Sales Manager

Godfrey Rheeder
Mobile No. 0824427243
South Africa

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Revolutionary Break through in Scrap Metal Grab Cylinders

After much studies and monitoring Scrap Metal Grabs in the industry we have designed a Hydraulic cylinder for scrap metal grabs that will outlast the standard cylinder by at least (4x) the normal life span of the standard cylinder.


One of our clients have been replacing his grab cylinders on a weekly basis on his grab. After we have fitted the new improved cylinder to his grab the problem was solve.
After one year of operation we contacted him to hear how the cylinders was doing. The reply was that the same cylinders were still on the machine and he has never touched them since then.

We have also had testimonies from our clients on our new grabs that in a period of 4 years that the grabs were working in there yards they never had to repair cylinders.

Are you sick and tired of cylinders that is leaking and braking on a weekly basis on your grabs.
Let our team come and fit the new improved cylinders to your grab and solve the problem for you.

Used Cranes - Available:

Fassi M9
30 tonne meter

Price: R23o 000-00

Barko 14 tonne meter

Price R65000-00

Uni Cranes
2 tonne meter

Price: R 35 000-00

Effer 7450
7.5 tonne meter

Price: R65000-00

Pesci P777

12 tonne meter

price: R 66000-00

Pesci P444
6 tonne meter
Price: R 20 000-00

Scrapmetal - Grabs

Model 600L